Saturday, 10 December 2016

Pull On Your Kit

It's easy to stay in bed at this time of year, especially if it's the morning after the night before. The alternative is to pull on your kit, get out in the fresh air, laugh with your mates, get the blood pumping and feel better.
Sometimes you also look at the dreaded Strava and wonder why your average speed has dropped through the floor - you have a far lower average for a far shorter distance, how does that work?! To find the answer I think you have to look at the question the other way round - the reason you can push big gears, climb high mountains and basically go fast in the summer, is the hard miles, done on heavy bikes, with soft tyres, rubbing mudguards and a cold wind at this time of year. You also appreciate the occasional warm summer day more, because you know you've earned it.
Enough philosophising, today six of us went to Dromore via Bailies Mills, Boardmills, Annahilt and Kinallen. After coffee in the Riverside Cafe (Retro's favourite), home via Edentrillick. Good fun, good work and more miles in the tank to prepare us for 2017. Respect to Poster Boy for a short turn on the front coming home - 24k!!!!


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