Sunday, 4 December 2016


With no particular inspiration for a write up I thought i'd cheat and did out an old post about the nicknames to "recycle". Problem is it took me an hour to find the post and when I did I realised a lot has changed in 2 years!!!! I've pasted in the list anyway, but I'll try and revamp it for 2016 in the coming weeks.
With the Beast taking a party round the Lough (respect), anyone looking mega miles was otherwise occupied. That left a group all happy to aim for 3 hours in the cool, but mild December weather. The wind was coming in from the East and as ever we wanted to avoid the traffic. The solution was to head out the Kings Road and up Greengraves. Down Bradshaws in to Ards/Newtownards and then out towards Carrowdore.
Chris needed back for work and turned homewards while the rest of us headed on to the East coast between Ballywalter and Millisle. A rapid session from Millisle to Donaghadee was over too soon, but emptied the legs before coffee. Refuelled and having congratulated the future Mr & Mrs Scotty we took the direct route back to Ards.
The requested route home was up Bradshaws, but I screwed up and we took a tougher and slightly longer route over Ballybarnes.
Near enough 3 hours, 75k and 8 happy cyclists. Til the next time....


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