Saturday, 21 January 2017

Choose Life

Choose life. Choose a bike. Choose Campagnolo. Choose a flat white and a scone or maybe pancakes. Choose a line and hold it. Choose quiet roads. Choose good friends. Choose to climb, choose to descend, choose to sprint. Choose a wheel, carefully... Choose riding out in to a headwind. Choose to be the bigger man and ignore the occasional ignorant driver. Choose karma. Choose the big ring, and line them out in the gutter. Choose the service revolver. Choose to feel alive. Choose to smile, choose to laugh, choose to try harder. Choose the healthy option, but know you've done the work to deserve the dirty one. Choose to respect cyclists, drivers, pedestrians, runners and horse riders. Choose another flat white. Choose Mallorca, choose Gran Canaria. Choose big legs. Choose good kit. Choose Bioracer. Choose post-ride naps longer than the training. Choose to do it all again tomorrow.
Choose cycling and not wondering who the **** you are on a Sunday morning. Choose not sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing spirit-crushing game shows, stuffing junk food in your mouth. Choose your future. Choose life....

Thanks to Bridewell Coffee for making us welcome and to Digger, Scotty, Comrade and Nitemare for pulling me round.


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