Sunday, 29 January 2017

Ice Planet Hoth

Lite Run - A much bigger turnout this morning than I'd expected, given that we'd been thrust into climes to rival those on the ice planet Hoth. With no tauntauns to bail us out, we had to rely on windbreakers and nimbly spinning legs to keep us warm.
It was unanimously agreed to stick to main roads which would be less frosty. Not so unanimous were the ideas bandied about - Moira, Donaghadee, Ballynahinch....eventually we decided to head up the main road for Saintfield (vapin' all the way!), then head for Killyleagh before turning north and stopping at McCanns in Balloo (we're becoming regulars).
On the way, a dropped bidon saw Martin pull off some major drift before taking a tumble onto the side of the road. Thankfully he managed to scrub off most of his speed before hitting the deck and his only complaint was of a bruised bum cheek.
Rims was suffering with cold hands, making gear changes very difficult, but soldiered on until the coffee stop where Poggio and Cameron kindly insisted that she take a pair of undermitts. The extra layer made a world of difference - thanks everyone for looking out for each other :)
While at the café, I witnessed my first indoor tube change courtesy of Resurrection, and could only laugh at the misfortune of Stephen and Martin - both ordered tea which came in one communal pot, but were sat at opposite ends of a long table! Had we had retro to throw into the mix, pandemonium would surely have teleporting teapot patent is already in the works.
The journey home was a shorter leg; all of us went fairly directly to our respective homes - some via the main Comber road, others via Moneyreagh, and the rest on the greenway where we caught up with Jeremy.
Another great run, and a glowing testament to the moral fibre of the club - everyone helping and supporting everyone else. We clocked up 40 miles at 14 mph...longer than expected but everyone fared ok. Ride of the day goes to Rims, who suffered with the cold but never gave up, and who is definitely getting stronger week on week!
Hopefully see you next week for more of the same (36-40 miles at a steady pace), minus the ice ❄


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