Sunday, 22 January 2017

Lite's Third Installment

Plenty out this morning for the third installment of the lites run - a very special welcome to Selina and Linda who made their debut appearances with the club.
Following the full fats' lead from yesterday, we headed for donaghadee via Bradshaw's Brae. After plying ourselves with French toast, bacon, poached eggs and hot chocolates, we were ready to hit the road again.
Home via the Movilla road, with Danny taking half home by the Comber greenway, while the rest of us battled our way over the carriageway drag to Dundonald. 34 miles in the bank, and home for a sleep (provided significant others don't have errands for us to run!)
Ride of the day goes to Linda, who was suffering at the halfway point but dug in deep to make it home. A huge thanks to all the club members who were on hand to offer help, advice and support to others throughout. Hopefully see you all again next week!


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