Sunday, 15 January 2017

Week 2 of the Lites

Week 2 of the lites runs got off to a flying start - with Danny and the Forestside group joining us, we had 15 bodies to put to work.
 Mike 's ankle bracelet wasn't going to hold him back, so we set off up the Saintfield Road at a steady pace. Reaching Carryduff, we turned left down the Comber Road and towards Moneyreagh. El Pistolero's guided historical tour furnished us with more information than we'd counted on, but it's sparked an interesting idea for a series of club runs later in the year - watch this space...
Through Ballygowan and down the Moss Road into Balloo, where we stopped at Mccanns. With a collective IQ in the triple figures (at least) we finally figured out how to get in, and availed of the caramel squares and pies on offer.
2017 marks the emergence of a new Retro...already stunned at his being amenable to a lite run ("I don't feel like burying myself today"), we were absolutely flabbergasted when his staple pot of tea was abandoned in favour of an Americano. Old habits die hard though, and it was only after a waitress had passed by several times announcing the arrival of a coffee, in an increasingly bewildered tone, that he acknowledged that it was in fact his.
Meanwhile, Bobby took exception to the local youths and Resurrection jumped on the "which wah are we going home?" bandwagon. I only realised he was winding me up halfway through the third explanation...
For a fourth and final time, then....the route home went via the Craigarusky Road, bringing us out into the south end of Comber. Danny, Lois, Paul and David headed home via the main road while the rest of us tackled the drag back up to Moneyreagh.
Schoolbus mode well and truly engaged, we started dropping riders back home one at a time. First Resurrection, then Mike, then Neil...the rest of us split at Crossnacreevy, with a couple of us stopping at Stormont on the way home to catch some CX action and meet up with our friends at Bioracer.
All in all, another successful run! 32 miles at 14 mph, with everyone sticking together well throughout. Joint ride of the day award goes to Stephen, who looks very strong on his second outing, and to Resurrection and Bullet, who haven't been out with a group for a while.
Thanks again to everyone who made it out, and hopefully see you next week 


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