Sunday, 5 February 2017

Ice and Fog

Ice and fog dominated our conversation as we gathered at Forestside this morning. It's a kinda catch 22, those conditions mean back roads and hills are off the menu. That means more main roads and busier traffic, which we try to avoid.
As both runs we're planning to head east in search of clearer weather and salt air we decided to opt for safety in numbers and all roll out together. Credit to everyone - the Full Fats kept to a pace that suited everyone and there wasn't the slightest grumble from the Lites. It was a bigger group than we normally like together, but meant we had plenty of lights and with a bit of encouragement held two straight lines over to the left.
Opting for the Kings Road and on to Comber cut out the hills and any risk of ice. Once in Comber the sun came out and we took the opportunity to split. Seven of us dropped the hammer, and left it there all the way down to Kircubbin. A left turn on the far side took us further south and on to the east coast south of Portavogie. The pace didn't lift and everyone was contributing to keeping the pace strong.
Flashdance took a left before Ballyhalbert to head straight home, while the rest of us pressed on up the coast. Now and again the pace dropped a little, but I channelled my inner Nitemare and tried to encourage a smooth fast rhythm. The proof was in the average speed as we arrived at Donaghadee - 29.1kph despite having ridden easy to Comber....
Bullet decided to head on home, while the rest of us settled in to seats still warm from the Lites who'd eaten all but 6 scones in the place!!! Back on the road we kept it pretty direct with David riding strongly all the way. Bradshaw's was the lesser of three evils, with Retro showing he's still got it - as if anyone doubted it.
100-105k under mainly blue skies. Different, faster, flatter roads which gave us all a good workout - well done everyone.
PS we aren't at all jealous of Comrade, Poster Boy and Allen heading to Spain today - have a great time and keep it safe.


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