Club Racing

Open Racing

Several members of Castlereagh CC race on a regular basis, you can see write ups on their races and results here.

Inter Club League

2016 sees the first instalment of the Belfast Inter-Club Cycling League, open to all members of Castlereagh CC, VC Glendale and Kinning CC who hold at a Cycling Ireland Limited or Full Competition licence. The aim is not only to have fun, but also to provide valuable mid-week training through some of friendly competition.

The league consists of nine events between between April and August, with each club taking turns to host three events each, including short road races, time trials and hill climbs.

All races will run on a Thursday evening, starting at 7pm (unless otherwise stated). Registration for each event is on the night and entry will cost £2. A limited or full competition CI licence is required. The entry fee will go towards prizes and an end-of-league BBQ in August.

Race Calendar

  • 7 April - 5 mile TT hosted by Castlereagh CC - Event Page
  • 21 April - Broomhedge Classic road race hosted by VC Glendale - Event Page
  • 5 May - Ballyknockan road race hosted by Kinning CC - Event Page
  • 19 May - Temple 10 mile TT hosted by Castlereagh CC - Event Page
  • 2 June - GP Ballinderry road race hosted by VC Glendale - Event Page
  • 16 June - Creightons Green hill climb hosted by Kinning CC (Open Event) - Event Page
  • 30 June - Mealough road race hosted by Castlereagh CC - Event Page
  • 28 July - Aldergrove GP road race hosted by VC Glendale - Event Page
  • 18 August - Comber 5 mile TT hosted by Kinning CC - Event Page


  • All riders in an event will receive 10 points for taking part.
  • Riders who place in the top 20 finishers will receive an additional score of 21 minus their position - i.e. 1st place gets 20 points, 2nd place gets 19 points...20th place gets one point.
  • The highest-scored individual in each category at each event will receive a 10 point bonus.
    The categories are: Open, A4, Non-competition licence holders and Ladies.
  • Event marshals will receive 20 points.
  • In road race events, riders will be handicapped at the discretion of the organisers.


Results will be posted here on the Castlereagh CC website and in the Facebook group page after each event.