All are welcome - we would like people to join the club, but we would rather people come along first and make sure they enjoy it - we hope they will.

Cycling Ireland allows two "taster" rides with a club before requiring, for the protection of the new and existing members, that the rider applies for a Cycling Ireland licence. First time licences are available from £17.

It's pretty simple to become a member of Castlereagh Cycling Club. Most of it is done through the Cycling Ireland website although do feel free to contact us if you want some help. By becoming a member of Castlereagh Cycling Club through Cycling Ireland you will get personal accident and public liability insurance. This insurance will cover you when you are out training or taking part in approved Cycling Ireland events. more information on this can be found here:

1. Go to the Cycling Ireland membership registration page and fill in your details:

2. You will receive a membership email from Cycling Ireland. Click the link in this email to bring you back to the Cycling Ireland website and activate your membership.

3. On the Cycling Ireland page you now need to click into the "My Licence" and fill in your licence options.

4. Go to the "Club Selection" section. Type Castlereagh CC in to the "Club Name" field, the other fields will then automatically be filled in. Don't worry about the "Club Membership" field.

That should be you signed up now but if you are having any problems please do contact us.

Club Kit

We usually have a small number of jerseys in stock and also place an order for new kit every few months as required. Our kit is made by BioRacer, you can get more detail on them at

If you'd like to get some info or place an order for kit please contact Sam by email at