We meet on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 9.30am at the Sainsbury's entrance to Forestside Shopping Centre, beside the "Attridge & Cole" coffee shop (see below).

The route and pace are generally decided on the morning, depending on the group of riders that turn up on the day.

The Saturday run is typically around 50 miles at a moderate to fast pace (16-18 mph).

On Sunday we run two groups:

  • A "Lite" run which generally covers around 30-40 miles at around 13-15 mph.
  • A "Full Fat" run which ranges from 50-100 miles at around 18 mph.
During the summer months (April-September) we also try to have a mid-week run on a Wednesday night. Meeting times and routes are usually decided on the day, again depending on the riders that are available on the day.

What's it like?

First and foremost, check out our posts here on the website and also the club Facebook page. We have write-ups and photos galore for most of our weekly club runs and the events we run.

Considering joining us but want to read what it's like to spend a Day with Castlereagh"? Check out one of weekly write ups on a ride with us or this post from our friends in Forestside Shopping Centre.

Where we meet

We meet at the Sainsbury's entrance to Forestside Shopping Centre, BT8 6FX: